What if you were in the Muslim Brotherhood?
Mr.mohamed shoman
By Mohamed Shoman

“Try to imagine yourself as a member of Muslim Brotherhood, and imagine what can you do now?“ I posted this question last week on my Facebook account, and wrote to my friends, “Do not reject the question, because you’re opposing the thoughts and beliefs of the group.”

Although I know that the reconciliation of thoughts and behaviors of others with that of yours is a difficult process, but it is an important and successful methodology in political analysis; by anticipating another’s reactions, you thus maximize your ability to deal with him.

My friends’ responses reflected a diversity of opinions. There were many who refused to answer, writing “I could not imagine myself one of the Brotherhood, I do not wish to be one of this group. I would shave my beard and forgo politics, sit in my house and ask God for forgiveness for what the Brotherhood committed against the people.” Another of my friends, a prominent political thinker, wrote that he would imagine opposing ‘hawk’ and ‘dove’ perspectives of Brotherhood members.

He imagined that the hawk’s position would demand revenge for injustice, and said,” Believe me, there is no hope in these.” He said that those among the doves would reconsider the Brotherhood perspective on a range of national issues.

As my friend and colleague, Hamid Ezz El-Din said, “I wish Imam Hassan al-Banna could return the Brotherhood to religious matters only, and to keep them away from politics, as it is considered to be art of lying , which contrasts with the essence of Islam”.

One friend from the Muslim Brotherhood said that the question is an attempt to poll a sample of friends, which include a large number of “leftists, Nasserites and secular liberals,” objecting that the group did not include any who support the MB or “rejected the coup.”

I am a member of the aforementioned group. If you recall the history of clashes between Brotherhoods with the state, you would find that all of battles were lost and bloody. The people currently stand with the state, and therefore the Brotherhood must correct its errors and search for reconciliation; violence will make the group lose everything.

I believe the Brotherhood’s best bet is to participate in the road map. The Brotherhood may have a chance to transform into a respectable, democratic opposition, or perhaps a return to rule though the ballot box.

Translated from the original Arabic.

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