Fox news announcer asking Obama to give back his Nobel Prize
Jeanine pirro

Jeanine pirro the former judge who host the justice with Judge Jeanine on fox news launched a fierce attack on Obama’s intentions toward Syria wondering that he is going to support al Qaeda against basher al Assad who have never attach the united states

Saying you are about to start the third world war by poking a stick into the tiger’s eye, referring to Russia and Iran who support al Assad regime

She condemns going for war cause of 1400 was killed to due to a chemical attack, while Obama kept silent for two years when al Assad killed over one hundred thousands of civilians and asked why now

Then she continued asking why alone, NATO has rejected the call & European union as well, UN is still investigating , even the Brittan ally is not with us so why you insist on going on alone and why now?

Jeanine showed photos for rebels execute civilians in Syria, saying look you want to support those guys

Finally she said Mr. Obama you were elected as an anti war president, you voted against the war of Iraq and here we are after five years of your administration about to go in a new war

“Mr. President you are not credible, clear or concise, why should Americans take it on fate? cause what you said isn’t true, we cannot afford nor do we want a third world war and speaking of that Mr. president didn’t you won a Noble peace prize, Give it back” Jeanine stated

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