Don’t Turn the Revolution into a Coup
Ahmed Taha al-Nakr
By Ahmed Taha al-Nakr

We made two impressive revolutions in a record time, butwe have not achieved anything yet of their objectives. The revolutions come to achieve radical change to pave the way for establishing a new regime that meets the aspirations of the revolutionaries.

We realize that the revolutionaries managed to set their objectives automatically whether in January 25 Revolution or its second wave on June 30. During the first wave of the revolution, Egyptians raised four demands, including development, freedom, and social justice and dignity; while their objectives during the second wave were limited to two main objectives, including the independence of the national decision and the refusal of the religious state.

In 1952, Egypt’s military leaders managed to turn the military coup into a revolution in a record time, as they achieved radical change on different political, social and economical sides to serve the interests of the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people who expressed support for the military rulers and their promising projects.

The current government does not belong to June 30 Revolution as it includes a bunch of old employees who belong to the former two regimes. The employee is always confused and hesitated. He avoids taking the ordinary decisions and initiatives, so he won’t be able to take revolutionary steps to achieve the required radical change.

The current government should realize that it came after a revolution. Its role should transcend confronting terrorism or preparing the country for the upcoming elections to prepare the country for a better future.

It can propose national ideas and projects to ignite the enthusiasm of the Egyptians and to distract their attention from the circle of blood and terrorism that the Muslim Brotherhood works to support to undermine the revolution.

The government should abandon its neutral position towards the security confrontations between the security and military forces on one hand, and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group on the other hand. It should use the meantime to turn the page of the Muslim Brotherhood and announce it as a terrorist group especially after the failed attempt to assassinate Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim using a car bomb in a serious turning point in our fight against the terrorism.

We seriously need a new beginning to overcome the current critical period and to open the door for achieving the aspirations of the Egyptians for their country on the regional and international arena.

On the economic side, the government can start East Port Said Project and to link it with a huge national project to develop the Suez Canal area and Sinai. The government should authorize former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to resume his work with his technical staff to execute the East Port Said Project especially that the government spent over five billion EGP in its infrastructure.

The government should present a program for austerity to reduce the governmental spending and to abandon the advisers in different ministries in addition to reducing the budget of Egypt’s presidency and suspending the import of the luxury cars. Egypt’s presidency should use only two presidential palaces, while the other palaces should be opened for foreign and Egyptian guests in return of fees.

The government should review the contracts of the national gas and the prices of the quarry products sold to the Egyptians and foreigners. It also should study the establishment of farms to generate electricity of solar power in the Western Sahara. The government should deal with these ideas immediately not to repeat our tragedies with the former governments.

We realize that the current government is a temporary one that has a majority of the old people although the young people led the revolution, while we still have the opportunity to take the revolutionary decisions to pave the way for achieving victory during the current war against the terrorism. This is an important step not to turn the revolution into a coup.

Translated from the original Arabic.

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