By Bishoy Ramzy

A state of controversy dominated the debate between Egyptian parties and activists over the constitutional amendments scheduled to be drafted by the 50-Member Committee.

Some politicians, experts and activists demand 2012 constitution, drafted by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, be annulled. Others prefer it would be better amended.

Egypt’s Ghad Party refused the calls for cancelling the suspended constitution, stressing that the 50-Member Committee should amend it and not draft a new constitution.

Deputy Chairperson of Ghad Party Mohamed Mohie al-Din said that the 50-Member Committee does not represent the Egyptian people, and then it has no right to draft a new constitution, calling it for amending the suspended constitution.

Egypt’s constitutional expert Ibrahim Darwish stressed the need for drafting a new constitution to meet the demands raised by the Egyptian people during June 30 Revolution.

Egyptian writer Abdullah al-Senawy praised such state of controversy during the 50-Member Committee’s session on Monday.

Senawy said that the current disagreements reflect the seriousness of the discussions. He added that the Constitutional Declaration has not put a limit for the amendments, raising the necessity of conducting a social dialogue to discuss a number of constitutional articles.

Chairperson of the Socialist Popular Alliance party abdel-Ghaffar Shokr said that the 50-Member Committee has the right to draft a new constitution.

He added that the Constitutional Declaration grants the committee the authority to amend all the articles of the constitution. “If the committee amended the controversial articles, it could achieve its objectives,” He added.

Constitutional law expert Jaber Nassar said that the amendments will include unlimited number of the constitutional articles.

He said he is confident that the 50-Member Committee will draft a suitable constitution. He added that the committee is not committed to the proposals submitted by the 10-Member committee.

Egypt’s Tagammou Party rejected amending the suspended constitution, stressing the need for drafting a new constitution.

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