Egyptian director produces documentary reveals MB’s violations

Egyptian director Emad Tomas produced a documentary film titled “the Bloodiness and Terrorization of the Muslim Brotherhood” to expose the violations committed by the former ruling group during the sit-ins organized in Raba al-Adaweya and Nahda Square.

The film underlined the violent approach adopted by the demonstrators, as they used the weapons during their protests. It signaled to the attempts of the Egyptian state and the initiatives presented by al-Azhar and the civil society organizations to contain the crisis, while the supporters of the former president insisted on escalation.

The film documented the attacks that targeted the governmental institutions, churches and Christian schools especially in Upper Egypt’s governorates. It also highlighted the solidarity of the Muslims with their Christian neighbors, especially their role in protecting the churches and priests.

The film also referred to the non-Egyptians who participated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the violent actions.

It also revealed lies promoted by a number of Arab and western media channels, including the Qatari satellite channel of al-Jazeera, presenting the increasing pressures exerted by some foreign countries on the Egyptian government to serve the interests of the Islamists.

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