Tunisian journalist start a hunger strike against the arbitrary dismissal
Ahmd Sultan

Sofian ben Faraha, Tunisian announcer was fired last Wednesday due to the Editorial policy of his show “Matenal”, soufian accused the management of “shams Fm” where he works that they trying to please “Al Nahda” moment which is taking role over the country after Ben Ali step down.

It is worth mentioning the government owns 60% of “shams Fm” shares, Soufian started a hunger strike since then until they bring him back to work without any Intervention in his work, and he asked the whole Tunisia media for support and backup in his case

The Arabic Network for human rights Condemned the arbitrary dismissal and appealed “Shams FM” management to rescind its decision and allow him to return back to his job in addition to stop intervention in the editing policies of the broadcast.

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