Tamarod urges 50-member committee to listen for national powers’ recommendations
Hassan Shahin - YOUM7/Hisham Saied
By: Eman Aly

Hasan Shahin, spokesman of  Egyptian “Tamarod” movement, has urged both of Mahomoud Badr and Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Representatives of the campaign in the 50- member constitutional committee, tasked with amending the constitution, to organize listening sessions to the youths of “Tamarod” and representatives of national forces regarding their views for the recommended amendments for  the constitution.

Shahin told Youm7, “the campaign will setup awareness seminars starting on Wednesday in Alexandria town”.

Shahin welcomed the statements made by campaign members about the new constitution, and he assured that it needs new formulations for flawed articles, plus adding new ones, he also said that the constitution must represent the goals of the revolution.

Opposition movement of “Tamarod” was founded to collect signatures from Egyptians against ousted President Mohamed Morsi, and it gathered more than 22 million signatures.

 The Rebel movement was established by five activists, and led by journalist Mahmoud Badr.

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