French Press Review: Costs of Syrian intervention
By Sara Tarek

French media continues its consideration of the political and human costs of a Syrian military intervention.

France TV said that the campaign asked for by presidents Francois Hollande and Barack Obama would have a large impact on both countries’ finances, noting that French involvement in the Libyan conflicts of 2011 cost approximately 300 million euros over seven months.

In Le Figaro newspaper, Vincent Daniel said that Europe “needed a strong international response” against the alleged chemical attack of Aug. 21, as France was awaiting a final report from the UN inspectors.

He noted that eyes are turned towards the U.S. Congress, which is scheduled to open on Monday, Sept. 9 with debates on armed action. Daniel added that if even Holland and Obama appeared less isolated on the international stage, they would still struggle to convince the public.

Le Figaro also published an article entitled “From Mali to Syria: dynamism and enthusiasm by the Ministry of Defense and French army,” examining the case of Mali versus Syria. It reports that although the intervention against Islamist groups in Mali raised reservations, even at the beginning the French ministry of defense “shrugged off concerns.”

According to a recent poll published by Le Figaro, 65% of the French public were opposed “to an international military intervention in Syria.”

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