Sir MagdyYaqoub: My role in the 50 committee is to enhance science
By: Nour Ali, NerminAbdElzaher, NouraFakhry

The Egyptian scientist and deputy chairman of  The 50 committee, Sir MagdyYaqoub, said that he canceled all his commitments in London to attend the sessions of the committee to amend the constitution, after he made sure in last sessions that the committee is in the right way to democracy, by giving chance to every member to express his opinion and objection. He also expressed his happiness to be one of the committee which aspire the welfare of Egypt’s future.


Sir Yaqoub said to Youm7 that he participated in the committee to enhance the scientific researches role in developing a great scientific democratic state.


The Egyptian Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Imperial College in London, ensured the importance of dialogue between the committee members around the dialectic articles of constitution, he showed his satisfaction of the 75% of acceptance inside the committee.

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