Sinai’s Tribes Support the Military and Commit to the Roadmap
By: Bishoy Ramzy

Sinai’s tribal leader and politician, Ali Fareeg, stressed the support of Sinai’s tribes for the roadmap of the transitional period in Egypt drafted by the Egyptian military. Fareeg, who is also the executive Head of the Arab Party for Justice and Equality and a former member of the Shura Council, called for conducting the parliamentary elections before the presidential elections.
In a meeting with Media Adviser of Egypt’s Presidency Ahmed El-Moslimani on Tuesday, Fareeg stressed “the political parties’ pressing need of governmental support, not to allow the businesspersons control these parties on one hand and to prevent the foreign funding on the other hand”. He added, “We called the former Chief of the Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Mohamed Hussien Tantawy to turn the building of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) into a compound for all Egyptian political parties”.
Concerning the in-process constitution of Egypt, Fareeg expressed his refusal of conducting any change to the 50-perccent parliamentary quota allocated for the farmers and labors, stressing that such a step, in the time being, could fuel sedition. He called the authorities for drafting serious rules to ensure real representation for these categories of the Egyptian community.
Fareeg, whose party was founded to express the Bedouin tribes in Sinai,raised the issue of providing families and tribal leaders with a larger role in the coming constitution to help the institutions of the Egyptian state over the coming period. He, additionally, called for ” constitutionally recognizing the customary judiciary due to its positive role in the tribal society’

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