Law professors call for annulment of Sharia article
The 50-Member Committee- Youm7(Archive)
By: Youm7

The controversial article no. 219 in the draft constitution, which is related to Sharia principles, should be annulled, according to a group of professors at the Faculty of Law at Cairo University.

In a statement to Youm7 on Wednesday, the group praised the formation of the 50-member committee which is tasked with amending the 2012 constitution.

Dr. Mahmoud Kapich, dean of Faculty of Law at Cairo University, said that the draft constitution is “balanced,” but contained points that required further clarification, including the judiciary budget, as well as assurances of the independence of universities.

The dean stressed the importance of a clause banning political parties based on religious background, and recommended annulling article 219, which is related to Sharia principles.

The controversial article defines the principles of Sharia as a “fundamental basis” of the law, and is related to article 2 of the constitution, which declares Egypt an Islamic state.

Critics of the article say it represents a bias towards the majority Sunni population, and marginalizes other Islamic sects.

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