Constituent assembly to curb presidential powers
The 50-Member Committee- Youm7(Archive)
By: Yasmine Samra

The 50-member committee tasked with amending the country’s 2012 constitution is leaning towards curbing presidential powers and reviewing the army’s status, reported Alsharq Al-Awsat on Wednesday.

The pan-Arab London based newspaper reported that critics of the process say that president still enjoys a wide range of powers, and that army’s budget received no oversight.

The administrative work of the 50-member committee continued on Tuesday by electing leaders of sub-committees .

Spokesman for the committee Mohamed Salmawy told Alsharq Al-Awsat that the committee is proceeding with amending the 2012 constitution and would not draft a new one.

Political science professor Amr Shobaki, who was elected to head the governing system sub-committee, told Asharq Al-Awsat that priority should be given to amending the constitution before discussing the demands of transitional provisions.

President of Cairo University and committee member Gaber Gad Nassar said that the constitution would exclude “all restrictions on freedoms” after the proposed amendments. He added that it would also include a mechanism to realize economic and social rights, in addition to giving due care to marginalized communities.

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