Running for elections not yet decided, Sabahy said
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7 (Archive)
Raafat Ibrahim

“Muslim brotherhood failed as opponents and rulers, after their major crimes against Egyptians,” said, Hamdeen Sabahy the former presidential candidate in Egypt, and the founder of The Egyptian popular current party, in an interview with the Middle East of London newspaper.

Sabahy valued the Saudi Arabia government and people towards the 30th of June revolution, adding: “this attitude gave us back our lost pan-Arabism.””Replicating experience to run  presidential election stills a premature decision”, sabahy said.

The most important for Sabahy through the next phase is to have a civilian elected president through free democratic elections and becomes a reason for Satisfaction and consensus of all political forces.

About problems  in “Popular  current party” Sabahi said: “the  leaders of the “Current” were busy with the rapid political events going on Egypt, this came at the expense of the party reorganization, and we promise people that we would reorganize ourselves to fix this, pointing out that the popular trend is the conscience of Egypt, and will remain so, because it expresses what Egyptians want and their ongoing revolution.

He pointed out in his commentary on Dr. ElBaradei’s withdrawal from the National Salvation Front, that neither the front nor the popular current depends on a person, and they respect the will and desire of ElBaradei.

“what happened on June 30th was a revolution” a, Sabahy stressed, assuring that revolution is ongoing and that they will continue to remain with the people on the streets until revolutionary demands are fully fulfilled.

Sabahi noted “Unfortunately Dr. Hazem Elbeblawy performance is very slow and they need to accelerate many achievements such as social and transitional justice, specially  the surrounding circumstances are suitable for the government to do its job, reset the national economy, fix glitches and achieve transitional justice.”

“We are aware these issues will take time, but we like to see measures that benefit people of low-income and give back the poor their rights,”he added.

And regarding him defending victims of former president Morsi’s regime, Sabahywas asked if he would defend any one, if they were victims or oppressed even if they were members of the (MB), he answered  “this matter is out of discussion, and  that this is every oppressed person’s right, to have legal defense.”

He also added,  he claims punishment for anyone who committed crimes and was violent with our people and seeks a fair trials for all those who are oppressed because he does not seek for revenge or exclusion for anyone.

Sabahy responsed to allegations about his secret visit to Israel recently: “I refuge to God, this thing is impossible, and all people know it, it never happened and never will, Such rumors kill itself as it erupts.”

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