Hollywood Movies Continue to Portray Muslims as Terrorists
Mahmoud Al Turkey

Though 12 years have passed on the terrorist attack against World Trade Center towers in 2001, Hollywood has been producing relevant movies with different concepts.

Most American cinema production corporations have intensively adopted the idea of  the “terrorist Arabs and Muslims”.

A distorted image of a frown Muslim with a beard, wearing a Galabya, and speaking Arabic are common factors in some movies while other movies dealt more with the human concept of the event.

Cinema producers’ treatment of this event varied; some intended to focus on the details of the event itself while others handled the impact of Sep 11th on the American citizen.

“United 93” written and directed in 2006 by Paul Greengrass is a prominent relevant movie that focused on the forth hijacked plane that hit the towers. The hijackers of the forth plane were not able to have the mission accomplished as they have not reached the towers, crushed and fallen in Pennsylvania.

The movie is rich in intertwined human stories of the passengers, suddenly were in troubles threatening their lives. The movie shows the Muslim Hijackers repeating, Allah Akbar (God is great) few seconds before the plane crushed hitting the target. The movie is political orientated and considered as one of the earliest movies about 9/11.

“World Trade Center” (WTC), starred by Nicolas Cage and Maria Bello, directed by Oliver Stone is a prominent movie focused only on the human aspects of the event with a few political aspects regarding the war on Iraq and U.S. President G. W. Bush’s approach of war on terrorism.

Cage plays the role of John, a police officer, going to his work in front of the WTC with everybody in the street being terrified with the plane crash sound. John rushes to save the victims before the two towers entirely collapse.

The success of the movie owes to the Human approach that Oliver Stone presented in his movie based on a true story of two officers entitled to save the victims buried under the collapsed towers.

“Zero Dark Thirty”, a 2012 production directed by Kathryn Bigelow that relates the 10 years efforts of the American administration searching and chasing Osama Bin Laden following the 9/11. The scenario takes place between Virginia, the location of the CIA, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The movie obviously supports the American administration’s point of view which made the film critics allude it has been produced under the supervision of the CIA.

In spite of the poor quality of the movie compared to other relevant ones, it has won many awards by most international cinema festival, which suggests that some of these festivals have political motivations it can’t hide. Kathryn was awarded with the Golden Globe best director.

The movies that have ignored the political approach and focused on the artistic elements acquired the admiration of the audience.

“Reign over me” starred by Adam Sandler and directed by Mike Binder relating a miserable sad man lost his family due to   the explosions of the plane crush then he met a friend tried to butter him up by reviewing the memories of the two friends.

Most of the movies related to 9/11 depend on drama or action, but “Looking for comedy in the Islamic world” directed by Albert Brooks, took a different turn.

It relates the story of a man sent by the Senate to Pakistan to find out what makes people in Pakistan laughs in order to help reconciliation between USA and the Islamic world following 9/11.

Based on the consequences of 9/11 including displacement of sons and daughters who lost their parents in the event, Stephen Daldry’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, starred by Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, relates the story of a son whose father died in 9/11.

The son finds a weird key belongs to his father and starts secretly looking for the lock matches the key everywhere in New York City. The son meets other people trying to survive. The story is based on the best- selling novel of Jonathan Safran that bears the same name.

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