Bashar celebrates his 48 birthday
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Syrian president Bashar Al-Asaad celebrates his 48 birthday in the time of his accuse of using chemical weapons against civilians in El-Ghota. Bashar had many comments on social websites, include sarcastic and congratulated comments.

On  September11th, America exposed to one of the fiercest attack through its history, which resulted 3000 citizens killed and that was the most remarkable memory of Bashar’s birthday.

Bashargot many congrats from some figures as Qais Mansour and Mohamed Aloosh who wished him a happy birthday. On the other hand, Abd El-Hamid  Yahia tweeted reminding him of the Syrian people crisis.

It is expected that Congress will vote on unspecified date after the delegation of U.S. President, Barack Obama, to launch a military strike against the Syrian regime as a punishment on charges of using chemical weapons in ​​ ,Damascus suburbs, on August 21st. The chemical attack resulted 1,500 deeds and 10 thousands wounded, according to the Syrian opposition. While Bashar’s regime denied using such weapons, and accused the opposition ofit, also; Bashar accused the West of trying to fabricate a pretext to  intervene on Syria.

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