Ghassan Massoud and Dima Bayaa in Abu Dhabi Assess the Awards “Emmy”
Ghassan Massoud
By: Youm 7

Arbitration Committee will begin, tomorrow, their meetings for “EMMY” international awards of television arts in UAE capital.

A committee of  20 members, movie makers and movie producers from UAE, Syria, Lebanon and England, participate in these meetings.

Syrian actor Ghasan Masoud, Syrian actress Dima Bayaa, and UAE actor Habib Ghaloom along with the UAE theater actor Eid ElZawahri.are among the public figures who  will participate in the committee

Nashwa El-Rewani said to the German News Agency (D.B.A) that this round of arbitration is an important one.

Notably that  in this round, the committee will choose six movies, and eight programs which will be promoted  to the final round, while results will be announced in London by the end of this year.

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