Syria: French President with US President alone on the frontline
Francois Holland

The French paper today focus on the “Syrian issue”, Le Monde said that Syria is set to dominate the G20 summit, which begins in St Petersburg Thursday, as the US and France look to bridge deep divisions with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over the use of military force against Damascus. US President Barrack Obama and his French counterpart Francois Holland are set for a showdown with Russian leader Vladimir Putin over military action in Syria as the G20 summit gets underway in St Petersburg Thursday.

Although the formal agenda of the meeting of world leaders – hosted by Putin – will be geared towards world economic growth, the deteriorating situation in Syria and the debate over the need for an armed intervention look certain to dominate.

The Liberation indicated the international concerns from the Transmission of the war in Syria to neighboring countries which opens the Middle East to the unknown but the paper back to support the position of the French government, saying that intervention is less choice to get worse because the silence on what Al_Assad is doing Would be the most dangerous.. Liberation admitted however, that France finds itself with the United States and Australia in isolation Especially after European countries Declined of supporting the new coalition to attack Syria.

At a debate in France’s National Assembly on Wednesday, members of the opposition UMP insisted they would not support military action in Syria without a UN Security Council resolution.

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