South Sudan bans foreigners from owning or riding motorbikes
boda boda

 Hundreds of Ugandans are fleeing the country to escape a crackdown after a government order called for an end to licensing motor cycles owned by foreigners. It added that foreigners were no longer allowed to provide a commercial taxi service using motorbikes, curtailing a popular method of public transport in South Sudan.

“South Sudan has banned foreigners from riding motorcycles, popularly known as boda boda, apparently in an attempt to cut down on crime, the announcement followed a spate of traffic accidents and crimes involving boda bodas. But analysts say it could be intended to prevent foreigners from taking away jobs from locals” Guardian Reported

the Ugandan embassy were negotiating with South Sudanese authorities to give foreign boda boda riders, especially those from Uganda, at least three months notice before the ban is implemented, arguing that some of them had borrowed money to buy their bikes, But police chief Andrew Kuol Nyuon said all foreign commercial boda boda riders had been ordered to stop their work to cut down on crime.

The motorcycle organization has details on about 5,000 registered motorcyclists, of which 2,100 belong to foreigners, mostly Ugandans, then Eritreans and Ethiopians, May Ugandans Reported being robbed and exposed to violence due to the last decision.

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