Muslims brotherhood declares their readiness for a dialogue with the government

The Muslims brotherhood former minister of planning, Amr Derag, announced that the Freedom and Justice party is ready for a dialogue with the government provided condition of taking some procedures to build confidence.

This came in a meeting of the Egyptian Freedom and Justice party with a delegation of the Turkish opposition party “The People” during their visit to Cairo, in which they met a number of parties and political figures in Egypt. The Turkish delegation which included each of, Farouk Logue Oglu, the deputy leader of the party and Osman Koruturk, the MP for the party in the Turkish Parliament were in one of Cairo’s hotels, they were received by Dr.Mohamed Ali Bashir, a representative of the Freedom and Justice Party and the former minister of State for local development and Amr Derag, the former minister of planning and international cooperation.

Derag, in statements, revealed the details of the meeting, the Turkish delegation came to meet the Freedom and Justice party at his request, which has emerged from the Muslims Brotherhood and not what is called ” National Alliance to support the legitimacy” and in the presence of a number of journalists, a representative of the Turkish embassy in Egypt and a representative of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs. But they did not attend the private meeting which lasted for more than two hours.

Derag said, “We keen on the continuity of Egypt-Turkey relations regardless who is in government or in opposition, this comes on the level of the relations between the two countries and not the relation between parties”. Pointing out that, Nabil Fahmy, the current Egyptian minister of foreign affairs has not shown any objections, when he was asked, in regard to meeting the Freedom and Justice Party.

He added that he expressed to the Turkish delegation the vision of the Freedom and Justice Party for the current situation of the country, which remains as it is. The party, as he described, still keens on the return of democracy and legitimacy which dialogue regarding the future is consisted in.

Derag denied that the delegation of the Turkish People’s Party has put forward the importance of dialogue between the Freedom and Justice Party and the current authorities directly, but they were only exploring the views. He confirmed he is ready for a dialogue which must be preceded by procedures to build confidence where hate campaigns, arrests and confronting the peaceful demonstrations should stop, which paves the way for a serious dialogue. He stated that the conversation broached the opinion of the Freedom and Justice Party regarding the crisis in Syria and the news of a possible U.S. military strike against Damascus, as he claimed.

He emphasized that despite the disagreement of the Freedom and Justice Party with the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and the call for his departure, but he refuses a military intervention anyway, he sees the necessity of interiorly removing Al-Assad’s regime. He confirmed that the Turkish opposition political views match the ones of the Freedom and Justice Party regarding the rejection of a military operation, in spite of the disagreement with the official Turkish situation.

He added that the Turkish delegation asked about the Party’s opinion of the declarations of the Turkish Prime Minister as a matter of exploring the views regarding the crisis in Egypt and the criticism to Al-Azhar Grand Imam (Dr.Ahmed Al-Tayeb). We clearly said that Erdogan’s statements are an internal political situation that concerns the Turkish government which values the situations. We do not consider it as a criticism to the great position of Egypt, but to political situation which might be right or wrong, the most important is the continuity of the good relations between the Turkish and the Egyptian peoples.

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