Religion based parties not restricted after constitution approval
Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Cairo University’s constitutional law professor Sabry al-Senousi told “” that article 54 will not restrict the existence of current religion-affiliated parties.

He expects all Islamic parties, such as Nour party, will not be restricted after approving the new constitution.

Senousi said the article that the 50-member committee voted on restricts forming a new party on a religious basis. All current parties are only headed by Islamists figures but are not strictly base on any religious affiliation and therefore cannot be restricted.

Senousi said restricting the parties on religious basis was recognized in the 1971 constitution and its amendments. He said the restriction was present in the ‘Brotherhood group constitution in 2012,’ in the sixth article, which stated, “Not to form a political party that discriminates citizens upon gender, origin, or religion.”

Originally published in Youm7. 

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