Sisi, do not let me down
General Abdul Fatah Elsisi
By Amr Gad

“What are you going to do if Egypt’s army ousts Morsi and takes his place? Are you waiting for civilian rule soon?” a colleague asked me angrily months ago.

Actually his question did not surprise me. Many who support military action against the Muslim Brotherhood, as I do, have fears concerning what will happened after ousting Morsi.

We said to all who criticized our support to the Egyptian military that we will not give up what we see as our right to a civilian country. That was a logical question. Now I imagine my colleague laughing at me after listening to public figures and unknown campaigns calling for General Abdul Fattah Sisi to run for president.

I feel that this deceptive campaign goes against the last three years of Egyptian protests, aiming to return to the era before January 25. But this time honorable people will be exposed to gloating and annoyances of the Muslim Brotherhood, remnants of the former regime, and people who did not participated in the political scene.

I will not waste time in futile arguing about the meaning of Sisi’s nomination in the upcoming presidential elections, but the obvious fact is that such a decision would eliminate what was achieved in the June 30 popular uprising.

I do not deny that this man became an inspiration to many Egyptians, but for me, he is a leader who succeeded in winning a difficult battle which needed an impossible decision. But my admiration for him is related to his military success, and I have no desire to see him in the presidential palace.

He has all the right to run the upcoming presidential elections, as a citizen not a military man. But then many will have a bad impression of a man of whom it was expected that his good ethics would prevent him from exploitation of people’s will and confidence to reach the position.  I fear that Sisi will be infected with vanity and surrender to his supporters; I fear he will let me down.

Translated from the original Arabic published on Youm7.

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