Free meals, Fees Exemption as the school year starts
By: Allam Abd El Ghaffar

As With the new school year starting on 21 September 21, 2013, Gen. Adel labeb the ministry of local development confirmed that the supplement of free meals to school students, particularly in villages, is being followed upworking by on to be the State Ministry of local development.
Adel Labib, the minister referred, in a press conference to the coordination coordinated amongst Ministries of Education, Agriculture and Health to improve the meal quality.

to superintend the nutrition factories, to ensure the conformity to the global health standard, to watch the packing steps and to improve the production lines relevant to the increase of the meals.

Labib stressed on “Tthe government is keen to deliver the meals to all the school students, all the academic year round in order to improve their educational level and put an end to the phenomenon of students flee,”. Labib stressed,
He also praised the role of the social participation in this field.

In the same context, The Egyptian Cabinet held a meeting on 12 September 12, and confirmed the exemption of students in governmental schools from yearly fees and books fees.
Labeb also said in the press release,He said that, “due to thethere is shortage of classes in some schools,, thereand there will be a 10% increase in the number of students in a governmental Kindergarten class with a maximum capacity of 40 students in one class.”

Labib also alluded to the possibility of producing the school meals in the technical and agricultural schools and the cooperation between private sector companies and the plants of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to improve the meal quality.

Labibi said that “theThe ministry coordinates with provincial directorates to pursuit the preparations of the new school year that starting 21Septemberthis month, the distribution of the school books and to developing a plan for the students’ activities aiming at increasing their cultural awareness” the Minister said.

, fighting fanaticism and renouncing violence. He called for the required renovation of the furniture, toilets and all the other school amenities and utilities to be completed before that date. He also called on the governors to pursuit the distribution of the school books.

The minister called on the governors to provide alternative and temporarily offices vice the demolished buildings that have been attacked during the last month.

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