Initiative calls to impose Classical Arabic on Arabian Broadcasts
Maspero headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)
By: Khaled Ibrahim

Yussef Mohamed, assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Media for Radio affairs, has announced an initiative requiring radio presenters to use simple-classical Arabic language during their interviews. It has been discussed on Arab’s Voices station’s program “IN Arabic”.

Lamiaa Mahmoud, director of Arab Voices, announced the station’s participation in the initiative, confirming that it will increase radio audience. She also added that using local slang accents may alienate audience due to differences between accents. In addition to, the Classical accent is clear for every Arabian country.

Mahmoud called many other Arabian radio stations to participate at the initiative, and she got quickly respond from Al Sayed Saleh Bin Abd El-Aziz, director of Al-Reyad station, while participation is opened for other radios.

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