Mit Rahina Antiquities back
Mohamed Ibrahim
By: Dina Abdel-Alim

 Ministry of Antiquities managed with tourism and antiquities police help to seize antiques founded with a group of people who was trying to hide them inside a pit in Mit Rahina village, The Capital of ancient Egypt and it was known then as Memphis.

Mohamed Ibrahim, the minister of antiquities, stated that the committee of inspectors assured in its initial report that these pieces are real. He added that the authorities took the necessary legal measurements, and the antiques are held as evidence to be presented to the general prosecution.

Is his statement Ibrahim said that the seized pieces dated to the late era, and they include Ushabti statues made of clay and faience-kind of ceramic?

Ahmed Gaebr , manager of Mit Rahina Museums, declared“ 238 antique artifacts were stolen from storehouse in the area few days ago, most of them are small pieces and only 33 pieces are registered”.

Ushabti is a funerary figurine used in Ancient Egypt and its pieces were placed in tombs and were intended to act as substitutes for the deceased, in case they were called to do manual labor in the afterlife. They were used from the Middle Kingdom (around 1900 BC) until the end of the Ptolemaic Period nearly 2000 years later.

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