“Nesaa Albasateen” Novel is available in French and German now
Women of the Gardens
By: Belal Ramadan

After reaching to the short list of poker prize 2012, “Nesaa Albasateen” or Women of the Gardens, for the Tunisian author Alhabib Alsalmy, has been translated into French and German languages, under a new name title “smile, you are in Tunisia”.

The novel tells about “Tawfik” the Tunisian immigrant in France, who goes back to Tunisia to spend 3 weeks as a vacation, to find out a new Tunisia he has never imagined., Tthe novel shows the differences happened in the Tunisian community after “Arab spring” and Islamic rule, by focusing on the nature of Tunisian women, as they are the true thermometer of the community changes.

Alsalmy says that he was monitoring all differences in the Tunisian personality, and how the community morals had been changed after the Islamic penetration into people’s minds, even children.

“Women of gardens” is the second novel for Elsalmy to be nominated to the Arabian Poker short list after his last “ Mary Clear’s odors” which participated in 2009.

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