World Day for Decent Work

“With the global economic crisis still hitting working people hard in every part of the world, trade unions around the world will once again organize mobilizations, events and activities on October 7 to demand decent jobs and full respect for workers’ rights. Just 7% of working people in the formal and informal sectors are union members, yet hundreds of millions more want the security and protection that unions provide.” World Day for Decent Work said on their website.
As interested in workers trade union movements, WDDW is trying to deliver a message to non-unionized, far and wide, to help them join their union and to support global solidarity actions for working people.
The annual World Day for Decent Work is on 7th of October, which is organized by International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) since 2008. This day calls for a decent work for workers all over the world by the services that unions have to provide them. “It is a day for mobilization all over the world: one day when all the trade unions in the world stand up for decent work. Decent work must be at the centre of government actions to bring back economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first.” WDDW added on their website.
There will be many events in several countries celebrating 7th of Oct. It will be in Senegal, Tunisia, Cameron, Somalia, Mauritania, Angola, Congo, El Salvador, and many others.
According to WDDW, ITUC has also launched a campaign on youth unemployment in 2012. “The 75 million unemployed youth around the world, more than one-third of the total unemployed, must have an opportunity to find a job. Their needs are urgent and the ILO has made youth employment a priority for the coming months.” Director of International Labour Organization, Guy Ryder, said.
When Visiting WDDW, one can know easily what had been achieved in 2012, and for sure will consistent with what is WDDW calling for from the trade unions around the world.

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