Media watchdog calls for investigations into violence against Turkish journos
clashes- Gezi
By: Youm 7

A leading media watchdog on Thursday called for full and impartial investigations into violent acts against Turkish journalists.

The Paris-based Reporters without Borders (RWB) condemned the continuing abusive treatment and acts of violence against journalists that has accompanied a new wave of demonstrations in Turkey’s biggest cities in the past few days.

At least 12 journalists were injured or attacked by police in the space of two days in Istanbul, Izmir and the capital, Ankara, the organization said in a statement.

“It is unfortunately clear that the police did not learn any lessons from their appalling handling of the ‘Occupy Gezi’ protests,” Reporters without Borders said.

“Three months later, the police are still resorting to the same disproportionate violence and news providers are still being deliberately targeted although they are just trying to cover what is happening.

“This unacceptable violence has been encouraged by the complete impunity enjoyed by those responsible for the abuses from May to July. We again call for full and impartial investigations in order to identify and punish the perpetrators of this violence,” the statement added.

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