Security source: Interior ministry owns evidences accuse Morsi of Betrayal
Mohamed Morsi - AP
By: Ameen Salah

An Egyptian security source stressed that the interior ministry owns evidences accuse Muslim Brotherhood of direct relations and contacts with Gaza strip-Islamic based movement of Hamas and Ezz-El din Al Qassam brigades in addition to documents reveal details about sources of funding sit-ins organized by Brotherhood following Morsi’s ouster, as the ministry officially presented those evidences to the general prosecution.

Cairo post managed to know that Egypt’s Interior Ministry has asked public prosecution to inspect phone content profile of ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, to check its entire contents, as ​​a number of lawyers applied reports to General prosecutor later on accusing Morsi of spying with Hamas, and includes charges of great betrayal.

The Security source revealed that, in case public prosecution approved interior ministry’s request, will lead to revelation of a lot of information behind international organization of Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to another facts regarding brotherhood’s leaders in Egypt and sources of funds for this organization.

Interior ministry’s request was issued following few hours of investigation judge’s decision, advisor Hassan Samir- who holds interrogations with Morsi-, to renew Morsi’s detention for 30 days pending investigations.

Its worthy to mention that toppled president Mohamed Morsi is facing charges of spying with Hamas, storming prisons and inflating prisoners with him from Wadi Al Natron prison during events of January 25 revolution.

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