El Beltagy upon Investigations: I didn’t incite violence.. Police killed my Daughter
Mohamed Beltagy - YOUM7 (Archive)
By: Kareem Sobhy

Cairo post managed to publish words said by senior Muslim brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagy upon investigations being conducted by Nasr city prosecution.

El Beltagy faces charges of incitement violence, murdering, torturing citizens inside Rabaa sit-in, and set fire into governmental building,-the case which shares El Beltagy in its responsibility Al Wasat party deputy chief Essam Sultan,Mohamed Badie supreme guide of Muslims Brotherhood,Safwat Hejazy,Osama Yassien.

During investigation, El Beltagy denied all claims that he incited violence saying,” I didn’t kill or tortured any one inside Rabaa el Adawiya sit-in” .

Upon asking him that he joined a group works on spreading chaos in Egypt, he replied “Muslims Brotherhood is not calling for violence or chaos, and millions of protesters flocked to the streets lately condemning the military coup in addition to police forces who have sniper men, who killed my daughter Assmaa and thousands of martyrs “.

The Brotherhood leader also denied charges of cutting public road, saying that Rabaa inhabitants didn’t express any anger from sit-in there; however most of them have participated in the sit-in.

He stressed that he didn’t set fire into public buildings in Rabaa square, saying that there is no any evidence or any witness eyed him while doing such a matter.

El Beltagy affirmed tremendously that Rabaa sit-in was a peaceful one, saying that protesters were calling for legitimacy and to condemn the coup made by military.

Finally, counselor Ahmed Sabala , The first deputy on behalf of Nasr City prosecution, ordered to put El Beltagy into custody for 15days pending investigations, as to begin implementation of decision after the expiry of his detention pending any other cases.

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