“Naguib Mahfouz between novel and story” by Ibrahim Mahmoud
By: Alaa Othman

Supreme Council of Culture issued “Naguib Mahfouz between The Novel and The Story” authored by the literary critic Ibrahim Fathy.


The Book shows that “Realistic Present” plays a main role in Mahfouz’s miserable stories and novels, with the self-aesthetic experiments. That mix enriches the art and the human experience, while this study describes the definition on the short story as an experience partial sometimes contribute to the construction kidney of the novel.


The book refers to Mahfouz’s beginning stories which are related to human issues, and personal tragedy which clashing with realistic social events in “Al-Thouatheya” or Three Parts and “Awlad Haretna” or Our Street’s Kids.


Mahfouz is the most famous Egyptian author who was born in 1911, and got Nobel Prize.

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