Interior Ministry: We Will Firmly Oppose protests excesses, Cutting Roads
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Egypt’s Ministry of Interior released an official statement, Saturday, stated that it observed the deeds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters during last Friday demonstrations.

“Deeds that contradict with peace, and committing many crimes like cutting roads, paralyzing traffic, hitting some mosque Imams, kidnapping media reporters, stealing their tools and threatening the safety of citizens, all of these are unacceptable at all”, the statement stated .

Security forces arrested Friday a number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in several Egyptian cities following clashes between the Islamist group’s supporters and opponents, state news agency MENA reported.

The confrontations left two dead in Alexandria and Beni Suef.

In Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, army vehicles were deployed in several districts after Brotherhood supporters were chased by local residents near Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, which has been a flashpoint for demonstrations since the 2011 January uprising.

Clashes also erupted in Alexandria’s Corniche seafront road, prompting police to fire tear gas. MENA said a number of “rioters” were arrested in the city shortly afterwards.

The agency also said “a large number” of Brotherhood supporters were apprehended in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura after clashes broke out between protestors and locals, which left several injured.

There were similar skirmishes in the northern province of Sharqiya, where ousted president Mohamed Morsi was born.

Interior Ministry assured in its statement that such actions will be faced firmly according to what law stipulates for the troops to secure citizens and ensure calmness to the Egyptian society.


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