Detained MB leader reportedly hails supporters, Interior Ministry denies
By Samar Marzban

A prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader reportedly hailed supporters of the group in a post on his Facebook page Saturday. The incident has been refuted by Interior Ministry.


The post was signed by Mohamed El-Beltagy from interrogation room “Tora” prison on Saturday.


Beltagy saluted supporters and members of the group who “continue, with determination and peacefulness, expressing their rejection of the ouster of Morsi and their insistence on the return of legitimacy despite all the threats.”


“We continue to be with you from behind bars, busy with our main goal, which is when, and how the seizure of power by the coup ends, and the people regain the right to choose their own president, parliament, and constitution and respect their will,” Beltagy said.


“We will never get caught up in the outcome of the politically-motivated investigations, and trials, or what could be the verdicts. We will never get busy with inhumane detention conditions. We will never get busy with the rights we are deprived of,” Beltagy added.


“We are being treated as criminals, sinners and extremely dangerous offenders!!,” Beltagy wrote.


For its part, Interior Ministry denied the Muslim Brotherhood reports on Beltagy’s message. A Facebook page affiliated with the ministry quoted security source as saying that “Beltagy is kept in solitary confinement.”


The source considered the message “a trial to trigger strife,” adding that whoever has the credentials of an account can easily post news.

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