Title Abortion of Suicide explosion against security troops in Sinai
By: Mohamed Hussien

Egyptian Security sources revealed that a terroristic attempt to blow up a gathering of troops was thwarted on Saturday, while they were moving in southern Arish town.
The sources said that a car bomb was monitored while moving laden with explosives , as security forces managed to arrest, and destroy it before it reaches its target.
The sources confirmed that several other attempts of targeting the troops with missiles were foiled.
The forces, during their Security campaigns, managed to catch large numbers of anti-aircraft missiles and modern armored vehicles.
Tribal sources in northern Sinai have revealed that large numbers of armed leaders, Takfiri members and wanted figures in areas of northern Sinai have left their homes a week ago to unknown destinations.
The sources stated that the escape f those elements was initially to areas south of Bir al-Abed and the eastern side of the Suez Canal, and some areas of central and South Sinai, but they disappeared after that.
Security sources confirmed that large numbers of these elements have escaped, other groups were sieged while an attempt to escape during the last campaign of the army on the villages areas of Abo Lifta and Green Valley in the east of Arish. Security forces have arrested 4 of them then they were transferred to Cairo to be interrogated by sovereign security authorities.
The sources added that investigations are taking place with dozens of other suspects in Sinai and others who were arrested in the recent operations.

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