Abdel Halim Kandil
Abdel Halim Kandil

 Arabic: عبد الحليم قنديل

General Coordinator of the Kefaya Movement

Abdel Halim Kandil is the general coordinator of the Kefaya Movement.

Following Egypt’s January 25 Revolution, Kandil has aimed for political and social reform in Egypt.

Kandil was the editor of Al-Arabi, a Nasserist newspaper, until 2007. Kandil said ‘Kefaya’ was a term for all Egyptians to connect with, to find the strength and power to yell “Kefaya” (‘Enough’) to all injustice and to demand their rights.

Kandil is known for tackling critical controversial topics and was one of Egypt’s high-profile opposition journalists.

Kandil vanished in 2004 after criticizing then-President Hosni Mubarak.  Police claimed they had no idea about his whereabouts.

When Kandil returned, he said he had been kidnapped in the middle of the night, beaten, then left by the side of a highway and told to “stop talking about important people.”


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