Egypt to reopen Gaza borders: Palestinian diplomat
Rafah crossing
GAZA, Xinhua

A Palestinian diplomat said Sunday that Egypt had promised to reopen Rafah border crossing with theGaza Strip “soon.”

Barakat al-Farra, the Palestinian ambassador to Egypt, did not give a specific date for the reopening of the only passenger border crossing bypassing Israel.

Egypt shut down the crossing on Wednesday after a deadly car bomb explosion at a security building on the Egyptian side of Rafah town in the restive Sinai Peninsula.

“There are Egyptian assurances that the crossing will reopen soon,” al-Farra told a local FM radio broadcasting from Gaza. He added that traveling will remain restricted to humanitarian cases, holders of foreign passports, and students “until the situation in Sinai improves.”

Since former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was toppled on July 3, the Rafah crossing has been operating at less than half of its capacity.

The restrictions at Rafah are, in part, due to the increasing insurgency in Sinai by extremist groups and Hamas’ close ties with the ousted Egyptian president.



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