Tourism minister courts Japanese ambassador
Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou - YOUM7 (Archive)

Tourism minister Hisham Zaazou tried to revive the struggling sector by meeting with Japanese ambassador Toshiro Suzuki on Sunday, stressing the safety of the country for visitors, according to a press release following the meeting.

During the meeting with Ambassador Suzuki, Zaazou said he hoped the Japanese government would reduce its travel warning, adding that most touristic destinations were far from violent areas. He also welcomed any Japanese security experts to witness the difference between “lies broadcasted in the western media.”

Japan issued a travel warning to its citizens soon after the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, advising the Japanese to “consider the necessity of travel” on July 4. EgyptAir announced in a press release on Thursday, September 12 that it would suspend its Cairo-Osaka flights, due to the ongoing Japanese warning.

Abdul Aziz Fadel, the minister of civil aviation, said that “We are ready to continue operating once the travel ban to Egypt is lifted,” according to the press release.

Zaazou also said that the ministry is in the process of creating a new program, which would arrange tours from the Cairo Airport to archaeological and cultural areas in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities.

Translated from Youm7


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