The Muslim Brotherhood defeated itself, says Khazen
MB conference in Beni Suef - YOUM7 (Archive)
By Yasmine Samra

In the editorial ‘The Muslim Brotherhood defeated itself,’ published Monday, September 16, Jehad el-Khazen said the “Muslim Brotherhood will not return to power in Egypt, will not come back tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, neither after a year or a decade.”

“The group must be convinced that its role in governance is over, and work on halting terrorism. It then can be politically qualified to participate in parliamentary elections through a non-religious party that represents its ideology,” Khazen said in the pan-Arab London-based newspaper Al-Hayat.

Khazen called on Hamas, which controls Gaza, to separate from the Muslim Brotherhood, and called on the Egyptian Government to stop engaging with Salafi al-Nour party.

Khazen said Muslim Brotherhood rule was a “disaster” for Egypt; the economy is struggling, and while the interim government is trying to maintain control of all state institutions, it has no ally or friend but the U.S. administration and Israel, he said.

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