“Angels die due to our wounds” a new novel by Mohammed Molshol
By: Eman Adel

Algerian publishing house “Julliard” released a new novel “Angels die due to our wounds” by the Algerian author Mohammed Molshol, the book tells the events of the first years of the French Colonization of Algeria.


The novel tells the story of a boxing champion named Turambo, as he named after a village that was erased from face of the earth, the hero’s fate is known from the first page of the story, he is sentenced to death by hanging and he is waiting for his death.

In his last few hours, Turambo back to his memories in the city of Oran, which lives with destitution, poverty, human and sectarian conflicts through his love story to an Oranian girl.

The novelist Mohammed Molshol, wrote at the beginning of his career under the nickname “Yasmina Khadra”, escaping censorship as he was an officer at the Algerian army

Mohammed won several literary awards most notably is the French Academy Awards for the novels “autumn of illusion, and” Sununu of Kabul “.


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