Al-Ghad Party
Al-Ghad Logo

Liberal political party

Arabic: حزب الغد

Established: 2004

Key members: Ayman Nour, chairman & founder; Gameela Ismail, vice-president; Wael Nawara

Coalition: Democratic Alliance for Egypt

Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party was established in 2004 as the first new liberal, secular political party to be licensed in 50 years. Its founder and current chairman, Ayman Nour, placed second in the 2005 presidential elections – Egypt’s first multicandidate presidential election in modern history. Nour was subsequently sentenced to 5 years in prison on forgery charges largely believed to have been politically motivated.

Al-Ghad Party faced a split after Nour was imprisoned. The Egyptian government claimed the faction led by Moussa Mustafa Moussa was the real al-Ghad Party, although a court ruling upheld the faction led by Nour as the legitimate faction.

Al-Ghad Party officially boycotted the 2010 parliamentary elections, although it allowed its members to run as independents. Following the elections, which were the most blatantly fraudulent elections Egypt had seen, most other opposition parties also boycotted the results.

The party won two seats as part of the Democratic Alliance for Egypt in the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections.

The party’s platform advocates:

  • A social liberal democracy
  • Comprehensive political and economic reform
  • A national program for assisting people with special needs
  • A national program for spotting and supporting the talented
  • A plan for solving Egypt’s water issue
  • A program for combating drug abuse



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