New Wafd Party
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Liberal political party

Arabic: حزب الوفد الجديد

Established: 1978

Key members: El-Sayyed el-Badawi

Coalition: Democratic Alliance for Egypt (also includes the Freedom and Justice Party)

The New Wafd Party, commonly referred to simply as al-Wafd Party, was established on February 4, 1978 as a reformation of the earlier Wafd Party. It is considered one of the largest and oldest opposition parties in Egypt, along with al-Tagammu Party. However, during the presidency of Hosni Mubarak many Egyptian activists considered the party to be “fake” opposition, meaning it was only acting the part of an opposition in return for certain concessions from the ruling National Democratic Party, such as seats in parliament.

Al-Wafd Party participated in the 2010 parliamentary elections, but announced it would boycott the new parliament after it failed to win any seats in the first round of elections.

In 2005, the al-Wafd Party’s presidential candidate, Noaman Gomaa, trailed a distant third in the polls with around 3% of the vote. The party won six seats in the People’s Assembly that year.

In the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections, following the January 25 Election, al-Wafd won 39 seats in parliament, 7.67 percent of the total parliament. Of those, 37 were elected via the Democratic Alliance for Egypt coalition list, and two were elected individually.

Al-Wafd Party’s platform includes:

  • Protecting political freedoms and human rights
  • Introducing a new law on the exercise of political rights
  • Abolishing the emergency law
  • Modernizing agriculture
  • Improving the status of education
  • Upgrading health services
  • Believes Israel stands in breach of the Camp David Accords which renders them invalid A
  • Advocates Arab unity
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