Assem  Abdel Maged, prince of Qatar…!
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Qatar has not officially denied revelations by the Muslim Brotherhood Without Violence Movement that Doha granted Qatari nationality and political asylum to terrorist leaders who have fled Egypt.

Qatar granted the nationality to leaders like retired terrorist Assem Abdel Maged, Mahmoud Ezzat, and more than 500 figures from the Muslim Brotherhood along with other takfiri leaders from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

If the information is correct, then the ruling authority in Qatar is risking its small country and sacrificing its small population to satisfy Washington which aims to besiege Egypt and its allies in the region by sabotaging the road map and the referendum on the constitution.

Qatar is gradually turning into an incubator of terrorist leaders, who are proud of their crimes towards the Egyptian people, and towards other people in the region. After Qatar grants them nationality, they will turn into citizens who have political rights and social demands in the country sponsoring them.

They will have the right to practice their freedom to form political and military groups and organizations in Doha to commit terrorist acts in their home countries, and spread sedition and chaos. Qatar, the small sized country, will not be able to confront these people who are historically experienced in violence, killing, chaos and terrorism. This is particularly applicable to former terrorist Assem Abdel Maged, who has not repented for killing dozens of Egypt’s soldiers and officers in 1981, after his organization assassinated the late President Anwar Sadat.

Abdel Maged still has ambition to continue his old terrorist ways and reform his old organization again, this time outside of Egypt. With Gamaa Islamiyya and Muslim Brotherhood members now in Doha, Maged is finding a great opportunity.

Qatar should be aware of the consequences of chaos and learn from  the loss of the state in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. It should also learn from and attempts of Al-Qaeda and other takfiri organizations to make terrorist bases from controlled regimes.

If the Qatari people don’t realize that they are demolishing everything they have, it will not be surprising to wake up one day and find that Assem Abdel Maged led a coup against the authority in Qatar and became its ruler and prince. Egypt will remain … while others on the margin will disappear.

Courtesy of evil will not work in any of the countries in the region, including Qatar. Washington does not support anyone. It only supports its strategic interests in the region and in history there are many clear lessons and examples.

Originally published in Youm7.

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