Court denies law suit over woman’s refusal to wear Niqab
Asmaa Shalaby

CAIRO: The Abdeen family court in Cairo dismissed a law suit against a woman for refusing to wear niqab, the full-face veil, on Wednesday.

The plaintiff, referred to in court documents as Abdul Qadir Y., claimed that his wife, Safa A., refused to wear niqab after they got married, although they had previously agreed on that.

”My wife is very beautiful and attracts anyone who looks at her,” the man said in his complaint.

According to the man, he tried all the “legitimate ways” to convince her to wear niqab. He said he started with persuasion, then hit her, and finally abandoned her in bed, but she insisted on not wearing it.

He added that he never doubted her fidelity; after her refusal to wear the niqab and her departure from their household, he filed a law suit to bring her back in the “house of obedience.”

The court dismissed the case after hearing the husband’s testimony, and ordered him to pay all associated legal fees.

Translated from Youm7.

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