We will never accept the return of Mubarak or the police state: Maher
Ahmed Maher - YOUM7 (Archive)

Egyptians must in no way accept the return of Mubarak, Morsi or the police state, said  founder of the April 6 Youth Movement Ahmed Maher at the Forum 2000 conference in Prague on Tuesday.

Maher said that Egypt is in a complicated transitional period, but he had no doubt the future would improve.

Maher said “it’s very important for Egyptians to study the transitional periods in Europe in 90s and the beginning of the millennium, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Poland, and to learn from their successes and losses,” adding that democracies improve themselves through experience.

Maher discussed Egyptian civil society, its role and its conditions, and said that despite facing many difficulties there are many NGOs that support human rights.

Forum 2000 is an annual conference where global leaders from politics, civil society, media, business and religion gather to discuss issues facing the international community. The topic of this year’s conference is the transitional processes of the post-Soviet region, the Arab world, Latin America and Asia.

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