Cairo University
Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)


Arabic: القاهرة‎ جامعة

Established 1908

Cairo University was the first public university to be established in Egypt. Founded in 1908, Cairo University is located in Giza governorate, on the west bank of the Nile River.

Various groups claim to have taken part in the university’s founding, including: Prince Ahmad Fuad and members from the Nationalist, Umma, and Wafd parties as well as key social members including the famous feminist Qasim Amin and revolutionary Saad Zaghlul. The university’s founding president was Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed

Their intent was to birth a national center for educational thought, inspired by a European-styled civil university, contrasting with the religious university of Al-Azhar.

Cairo University is Egypt’s largest university with over 200,000 students enrolled. Academic faculties currently include both a school of law and of medicine. Kasr Alaini, the medical school, was the first of its kind to be built in Africa and the Middle East.


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