Central Security Forces (CSF)
Egyptian Security Forces - YOUM7 (Archive)


Arabic: قوات  الامن  المركزي

Established: 1977

Egypt’s Central Security Force (CSF) was established during the presidency of Anwar Sadat as an affiliate of the Ministry of Interior. It is an Egyptian paramilitary force responsible for assisting the Egyptian national police in the security of governmental sites, foreign embassies and missions, riot and crowd control, public events, high-risk arrests, disaster response and SWAT operations.

In 1986, hundreds of CSF soldiers staged a four-day mutiny over the spread of false rumors that the period of conscription had been extended from two years to three years. The issue was quelled by the Egyptian army, which destroyed the CSF barracks in Giza governorate after some CSF personnel burned hotels, shops, cars, and buses in tourist areas.

During the presidency of deposed president Honsi Mubarak, CSF soldiers were used against demonstrations protesting Mubarak’s regime. Their presence was increased in areas where Muslim Brothers were known to congregate, such as outside the gates of Al-Azhar University.

CSF soldiers were blamed by the population for much of the violence during Egypt’s January 25 Revolution and accused of using live ammunition against demonstrators.

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