Egyptian army unlikely to strike Gaza, says Hamas
Salah Bardawil

It is unlikely the Egyptian army would launch a military offensive on the Gaza Strip, a Hamas official said on Tuesday.

“The geographical and historical relation between the two countries excludes such possibility,” Youssef Rizqa, political advisor of the Hamas government, told the Hamas-affiliated Al-Ra’y news agency.

Salah Bardawil, a senior leader in Hamas, told al-Quds TV Tuesday, “we do not expect that,” ruling out any Egyptian military offensive on the Gaza Strip.

”We do not feel scared at all of any attack or tightening of the blockade by Egypt against Gaza,” Bardawil added.

”We are upset that the Egyptian army even responds to this false media campaign against Hamas and Gaza,” he told the station.

Rizqa accused groups affiliated with Fatah of spreading such misinformation.

“These rumors incite the Egyptian army against Hamas and arouses hostility,” he told Al-Ra’y.


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