German Soccer Museum Delays Opening Until 2015
BERLIN, Reuters

A multi-million euro German soccer museum under construction in Dortmund will delay its opening by at least six months until 2015 after the construction company went into insolvency administration.


The German Football Association (DFB) said on Friday construction had continued throughout the contractor’s insolvency administration earlier this year and it had since awarded the project to a different firm.

The opening is now planned for the first half of 2015 instead of late 2014.


A budget of 36 million euros ($48.75 million) for the museum, that will showcase the country’s long football history and success, will not be affected by the setback.


“Under the circumstances we found the best possible option for the project although the opening delay is something that is painful for us,” said Manuel Neukirchner, the museum foundation’s managing director.


The museum in central Dortmund, criticized by some German tax payers as unnecessary, will showcase German football’s biggest successes including items related to the country’s three World Cup and three European championship victories.

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