Friday’s sermons focus on condemning the killing of Egypt’s security official
By: Bishoy Ramzy

Cairo: The martyrdom of General Nabil Farag dominated the Friday’s sermons today. The preachers condemned the killing of the security official, describing it as a terrorist action that contradicts with the Islamic principles.

According to the Egyptian newspaper “Youm7”, Egypt’s former Mufti Ali Gomma rebuked the terrorist attack that targeted the security official. He added during Friday’s sermon in al-Rashdan Mosque that Farag was killed during struggling against the corruption, rebuking those extremists who controlled Kerdasa to terrorize the people there.

He added that the Egyptian people have not violated Islam during their history, calling the extremists for repentance to avoid the hell in the afterlife.

Former Parliamentarian Ragab Helal Hemida delivered the Friday’s sermon after a long period of absence in Ebad al-Rahman Mosque in Cairo’s suburb of Bab al-Louq. He blamed the Takfiri people for the violent actions witnessed in the Egyptian streets.

According to the Egyptian newspaper of al-Masry al-Yom, Preacher of Egypt’s al-Azhar Abbas Shoman refused the killing of the security forces, stressing that they work to protect the Egyptian people. He stressed the need for suspending the bloodshed of the Egyptian people. He added that the attempts to target the security forces aim to raise the chaos in the Egyptian streets.

Preacher Adel al-Maraghy called the people during Friday’s sermon in Nour Mosque for not launching the rumors aiming to destabilize the country, stressing the need for committing to the sunnah of Prophet Mohamed.


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