MB international organization searches for country to hold their meetings
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CAIRO: The International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is searching for a country in which to hold their meetings, a dissident Brotherhood member said on Wednesday.

Expert in Islamic movements and former member of the Brotherhood Tariq Abu Saad told Youm7 that the international organization will conduct their meetings and movements in secret during the coming period.

He said they are searching for a country that is near the Arab region yet far from the media spotlight.

Abu Saad said the meetings held by the organization at the Islamic center in Germany in the 80s and 90s were for “coordination and not administration.”

After the revolutions of the Arab Spring, the primary task of the organization moved from coordinating to administrating because the current stage needs publicity, he added.

Abu Saad said that the organization is in trouble after facing rejection from several countries, including Tunisia and the UK.

He suggested that they may resort to using Jordan as a base due to the close relations between Egypt and Jordon, adding that he expected the Jordanian people to refuse this.

It is difficult for the Brotherhood to use the U.S. as a base of operations for two reasons, according to the expert. Firstly, there are problems between Egypt’s MB and the MB present in the U.S. and secondly it is geographically far from what is happening in the Arab world.

He also excluded Malaysia, Eastern Asia as they too are far from what is happening in the region.

Originally published in Youm7.

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