Tamarod Gaza protests in front of Arab League HQ
Arab League headquarters in Cairo

Members of Tamarod Gaza, or “Rebellion Gaza,” protested Saturday in front of Arab League headquarters in Cairo, demanding the overthrow of Hamas and non-interference in Egyptian affairs.

Demonstrators held banners reading, “Rebellion against injustice in Gaza,” and “The people of Egypt and Palestine are one hand.” They held Egyptian flags, tying them to balloons and then releasing them.

Mohamed Abdel Naeem, head of the National Union for Human Rights Organizations, said “60 organizations and associations concerned with rights are in solidarity with ‘Tamarod Gaza.’ ”

Naeem announced that the movement will declare a roadmap in a press conference on Nov. 11, to ask people to protest in the streets.

Following the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi after the Tamarod movement in Egypt, groups in Gaza carrying the same name have emerged demanding the overthrow of Hamas.

Translated from Youm7

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